Nurture (Online ISSN: 1994-1633/ Print ISSN: 1994-1625) is a trans-disciplinary research journal which publishes articles from fields of physical and social sciences that have direct or indirect relevance to individuals, families, and communities such as family dynamics & human development, economic development, home economics, human ecology, business management & sustainability, life management & sustainability, food, nutrition & wellness, design and visual studies, health informatics, health policy and management, educational psychology, human environment, housing and interiors,  and textile and clothing. The objective is to support the creation and accumulation of knowledge for empowering individuals, families, and communities.

The Nurture (Online ISSN: 1994-1633/ Print ISSN: 1994-1625) announces that the publication frequency quarterly (4 issues per year: March, June, September, December) from 2023.